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What my clients are saying behind my back

“I focus on corporate and securities law, representing private and public companies. Mark identified the precise opportunity that met my very defined personal objectives. He created a terrific match with a new and rapidly-growing office of a large, established internationally-known law firm – a match with significant entrepreneurial potential coupled with the opportunity to provide leadership in the development of the office.”

– Steven R. London, Attorney: Pepper Hamilton

“When I decided to change jobs, I described my practice to Mark. I thought I knew what I was looking for an in-house position but Mark immediately sensed that it would not have been ideal for me. He was correct! After discussing it further, he quickly identified an appropriate opportunity for me and made the introductions. An excellent communicator, Mark was extremely conscientious in following up and covering all the details. He guided me through all the delicate negotiations, until finally I ended up in the perfect situation. I can honestly say that I am Mark Kwatcher's biggest fan!”

– Pam Berman, Counsel: Schnader, Harrison, Goldstein & Manello

“I have worked with Mark Kwatcher for years, and the truth is that he is much more than a recruiter. The real value Mark brings is that he takes the time to get to know the law firm and to understand its culture and its needs. Unlike other recruitment firms, he does not waste my time by sending me dozens of resumes, which I would then have to sort through and interview the candidates. Instead, he makes the effort to really get to know the prospect and make sure that the fit is right. That is invaluable. Very rarely has he ever sent me anyone who has not been right on the money. Moreover, he thoroughly knows the marketplace. I completely trust his judgement.”

– Paul E. Clifford, Managing Partner: Gadsby Hannah LLP

“I have known Mark Kwatcher for 17 years and can honestly say that he is a true pleasure to work with. I have what I consider to be a phenomenal department that Mark has been instrumental in building with me. He has taken the time to truly understand our environment and puts me in the enviable position of choosing among the best and brightest candidates. I am truly fortunate to have Mark Kwatcher on my team and could not recommend anyone with more enthusiasm.”

– Jay Meltzer, Senior Vice President General Counsel and Secretary: The TJX Companies, Inc.

“Mark Kwatcher is terrific at what he does; I think he is the best in the city without qualification. He does his research. What is best about his work is that he doesn't just recommend someone to fill a need, but rather ensures that the fit is right both for the individual and for the firm. I have experienced both sides I used Mark's services when he moved me from one firm to the one in which I work now, and in years past when I managed a law firm I did a great deal of hiring through him. I have never used anyone other than Mark, and I never would… there is no reason to change when someone is doing an excellent job.”

– Peter Van, Partner: Bingham Dana LLP