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Looking for a partner? An associate? We can help.

Welcome! At Kwatcher Legal Placement we work professionally and effectively to match each position with the very best candidate. Whether you seek to hire a partner, an associate, or an attorney for a corporate law department, we will help. Nearly three decades of success has earned us the reputation of being one of the nation's premier attorney placement firms.

What distinguishes Kwatcher Legal Placement from other recruitment agencies?

When you work with Kwatcher, my personal attention is guaranteed. Would your firm have it any other way?

Because we are so focused, you can depend on our timely responses. Your firm can't wait. At Kwatcher, we know that time is of the essence.

As President of Kwatcher Legal Placement, I have pledged to provide law firms, corporations and financial institutions with access to the most highly qualified attorneys from across the nation.


In today’s fast paced economy the increasing demand for on site legal representation touches virtually every corporation — large or small. At Kwatcher Legal Placement we recognize the needs of corporate America. We understand the unique demands now placed upon corporate legal departments and we work earnestly to recruit only the most qualified attorneys for our in-house clientele.

With nearly three decades of expertise in this field, Mark Kwatcher has become the premier legal placement professional in New England — whether you are an attorney seeking an in-house position or a corporation looking for the perfect match for your department.

At Kwatcher Legal we take a personal interest in the advancement and career of each individual we serve. Unlike other legal placement firms we don’t just stop working once an attorney is placed, we invest our time and energy into making sure that it’s a perfect fit.

When we place a candidate for an in-house position we carefully examine the individual’s qualifications to fit the client’s specific needs. Kwatcher Legal Placement understands the delicate corporate structure that results in ultimate success.

Partners and Associates

When our clients come to us seeking a partner for their firm — or when an individual is looking to leave their current employer for advancement elsewhere — we take all degrees of compatibility into consideration.

Recruitment of law firm partners and associates requires the special ability to match personalities as well as the more quantifiable qualifications highlighted on a resume. This is an expertise we’ve mastered through years of experience and involves a solid foundation in research analytics, a unique ability to distinguish often unspoken human characteristics that will complement the personality of an individual firm.

At Kwatcher Legal Placement, we manage the task of aligning an attorney with a firm’s financial parameters, of course, but also with the firm’s particular style and long-term vision. Because of the established connections we have throughout the nation, and the close friendships we’ve maintained over the years, our networking ability is virtually unstoppable. We can identify qualified partners and associates quickly and ensure a successful relationship to last for years.